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MVP Baseball 2005 Roster Update

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For the original Xbox or PS2. MVP Baseball 2005 roster update for the 2021 season. Start playing the 2021 season with opening day April 1, 2021 rosters. Play the 2021 season with the new rookies and all updated trades.

The roster updates can be copied and saved to an unlimited amount of original Xbox’s and or PlayStation 2 memory cards to share with friends and family that own MVP Baseball 2005.

The roster files are able to be edited and customized when you receive them.

You will receive one (1) Xbox or PS2 memory storage device containing:
+ 2021 MVP Baseball 2005 roster game save (updated April 1, 2021)

The original Xbox version includes:
MVP Rewards 100% unlocked: 15/15 classic stadiums, 63/63 legendary players, 119/119 retro jerseys and 2/2 legendary teams

*2020 rosters are available for original Xbox at a discount price, see checkout options

Made for NTSC (North American) version of the game.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Can I edit the rosters when I receive them?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I play in dynasty mode and other modes with the updated rosters?
A: Yes, the rosters work for dynasty mode, exhibition, owner mode, mini games and home run showdown.